J. KOLBY rescuing Cusuco’s amphibians

The amphibian expert

The Explorers team was lucky to meet Jonathan Kolby when exploring Honduras. He is an amphibian expert that works with the amphibians of Cusuco National Park, an amazing tropical forest above the clouds, in the North of Honduras. With a peak more than 2200 meters high, the “mists forest” hosts a rich flora and fauna, of which a lot of endemic species, now confronted with many threats.



That’s the the case of the Exquisite Spike-thumb frog (Plectrohyla exquisita) or also of the Cusuco Spike-thumb frog (Plectrohyla dasypus), that is found nowhere else on earth. For more than ten years, Jonathan has been following these species that are particularly affected by a fungus,the chytridiomycète, increasingly widespread and which kills faster and faster species of amphibians all around the world. He follows the evolution of the fungus propagation on samples he collects on diseased animals that he studies in laboratory.




Now, Jonathan begins his rescue program with the creation of the Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Center, to try to prevent the extinction of certain species that could disappear.